Suri, very black and nice

My name is Agneta Nilsson and I do arts and crafts by suri alpaca and huacaya.

I live in south of Sweden, in Skåne near by Österlen alpaca farm.

In my arts and crafts work I use yarn and fleece from the farm Österlen Alpaca.


Here you can see a black and a white suri alpaca, the fleece is shining like silk and very very soft.

Articles of clothging are very very warm.

I do knitwears and hand woven shawls and other articles of clothing from the Suries.

I also use fleece from Huacayas.


A suri alpaca, very nice light tanned.

This shawl, size 2x0,5m is hand woven.
Warp: 100% silk 30000 m/kg
Weft: Suri-alpaca

The cardigan in handknitted by Alkpaca Huacaya.


Med vänlig hälsning

Agneta Nilsson